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Beginning in late summer 2011, I started making paintings of the scenery
in and around Big Bald Lake, in the Kawarthas (Ontario, Canada), as seen from a
kayak or from sitting on the rocks. As time has gone on, I've started making them
elsewhere too; wherever I have access to nature. In addition to the Kawarthas, I have also
painted in Prince Edward County, the Almaguin Highlands, and the south shore of Nova Scotia.

All of the paintings below were done on location, within a time frame of
between three hours and 30 minutes. For each painting, I tried to call attention to some feature
of the natural landscape that I found striking or beautiful; it was not hard to find inspiration.

Because of time constraints I didn't necessarily get to finish all of the paintings
(and some didn't turn out as well as I hoped despite all of my best efforts), but
I enjoyed all of them and so I've decided to share them here.

Red dots indicate that a piece has been sold. Click on the thumbnails to see the full compositions.

winter winter picton 1 chester 1 chester 3 picton 1 picton 1 picton 1
felixvisit 1 picton 1 felixvisit 1 picton 1 picton 1 picton 1 picton 1 picton 2
trunk pink rocks windy sky

winter fall picton 1 picton 1 picton 1 chester 2 chester 1 picton 1
picton 1 picton 1 picton 1 stump
red adjusting water sunset cliff
frame reflections leaves bog bridge pink_clifftop fire nighttime
rainy wood panel